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Florida Seabase


Sea Base 2000


Set of Class A or B Uniforms A Camera (Waterproof)*
Flashlight (Available at Ship's Store) Personal Snorkel Gear*
Sleeping Pad (Air Mattress) 3 Shorts
Large Unbreakable Mug 2 Bathing Suits
Wet Shoes (preferably dive boots) Dry Shoes
Long Sleeve Light Shirt Wide Brimmed Hat
Long Pants (lightweight) Personal Fishing Gear
Extra money for souvenirs ($30-$60)* Personal Toiletry Kit
Hawaiian Style Clothing for Luau* Stationary
Set of Light Weight Rain Gear Crew Photo - $5.00*
Pair of sunglasses with strap Socks
Mosquito Repellent (Available at Ship's Store) 2 Towels
Florida Fishing License ($6.50-$17.00 - Required for 16 years & Up. Available at Ship's Store)*
16 oz of Sunscreen Factor 15+ (Non-Oily Type)
Sheet, Pillow, light blanket or Sleeping Bag
Skin So Soft, Aloe, Baby Powder