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Green Notebook


Participation, Conduct, Attendance


     Weekly Troop meetings will be held each Thursday evening at Ballentine Recreation Center. The meeting will start at 7:00 PM (unless otherwise notified) and will last until 8:30 PM. Every effort should by made by the Scout to be at the meeting prior to the scheduled start time to ensure that the meeting can start on time. The Patrol assigned opening will be expected to arrive at least 15 minutes prior to the start of the meeting to prepare the room. The Patrol assigned closing will be responsible for ensuring the room is cleaned prior to leaving for the evening. Each Scout and Scouter will be expected to be in uniform for the meeting.


     A disciplinary problem is considered any Scout who is disruptive to the proper operation of the Troop or his Patrol who does not respond to the corrective actions taken by the PL, SPL, Scoutmaster/assistants.

     It is the responsibility of all Scouts present at each troop meeting or activity to ensure to the proper conduct of all Scouts present. If there is a problem with a Scout, the PL/SPL (or senior Scout present) will be responsible for correcting the Scout's behavior.

     If the PL/SPL feels additional action is required, the SPL may call a special PLC meeting to decide the appropriate action to be taken with the consent of the Scoutmaster. Only the Troop Committee may suspend a Scout or remove him from the troop.

     If the PLC is unable to correct the actions of a Scout, then the Scoutmaster will try to correct the problem. It will be the responsibility of the Scoutmaster to notify the parents of a Scout when the problem persists. In the event all of these actions fail, the Scoutmaster will refer the problem to the Troop Committee for appropriate action.

      Reinstatement of suspension is a Troop Committee responsibility.


     In any four month rolling period, if your son is not in attendance at 3/4 of the meetings, and 2/3 of the outings, you can expect a call from the Scoutmaster and potentially a visit. Unfortunately, the only way we know when a scout is unhappy with the program is when he stops showing up.

     We require your Scout to attend the 2 meetings before a campout or outing. If he is not in attendance, we can not plan advancement, menus, or transportation. He will probably miss last minute details. The scout should call his patrol leader to be certain we know the reason for his not attending a meeting before an outing so any last minute details can be forwarded to him. The troop tries to be flexible. We know that many of our Scouts participate on sports teams and other activities. We encourage participation in other activities as well as scouting, but we need the your cooperation and assistance. Payment for an outing will typically be due at the first of the 2 meetings before the outing.

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