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Green Notebook


Uniforms & Equipment List

Why Do We Wear Uniforms?

The Boy Scouts of America has always been a uniformed body. There are many reasons for this. One reason stands out above all the rest. We wear the uniform because it is a means of identifying ourselves openly with the principles to which we are committed-character development, citizenship training, and physical and mental fitness.

The fact that youth and adult members of Scouting wear a uniform doesn't mean that we're all alike. We come from different ethnic and racial backgrounds. We have our own religious beliefs and political views. We are each individuals with our own family traditions and loyalties. So the uniform is not intended to hide our individuality. But it is a way we give each other strength and support. It is a bond that ties us together in spite of our differences. It is a way of making visible our commitment to a belief in God, loyalty to country, and to helping other people.

The Scouting movement is built on positive values. As we wear the uniform, we are openly identifying ourselves with those values where everyone can see us. We stand together, not alone, in encouraging others to live by those same principles. Boys and adults alike should take pride in belonging to such a movement and wear the uniform as it is intended.

Troop 813's Official Insignia & Uniform

a. The badges, other required insignia and the uniforms of BSA shall be made available to, and are only for use by registered Scouts, officials, and other members who have satisfactorily complied with the requirements prescribed by BSA.

b. The official uniforms authorized as evidence of official relationship to BSA are illustrated and correctly described in the various current handbooks, catalogs, and other official publications of BSA. Jeans (solid, dark blue in color and in good repair) may be substituted for the official pants only if uniform pants are not available from the Scout Shop. However, all Scouts and Scouters should be in uniform for official functions.

(1) Troop 813 recognizes four (4) different uniform combinations that Scouts and Scouters are authorized to wear at BSA-supported activities. The "Class A" uniform consists of the official Scout shirt, pants/shorts, neckerchief, socks, and shoes. The "Class B" uniform is the troop t-shirt, scout shorts/pants, scout socks, and closed toe shoes. The "Venture" uniform consisting of the troop t-shirt, khaki shorts and white socks for use in the "Venture" program. The "Varsity" uniform consisting of a khaki shirt with the same khaki shorts and white socks for use with the "Varsity" program. The "Varsity" uniform may be replaced with a team uniform for organized play.

(2) Appropriate uniform wear will conform to standards as determined by these bylaws and the information provided by the governing body of the activity.

c. All Troop 813 Scouts/Scouters are responsible for purchasing the appropriate uniform and all patches.

d. All Scouts will be required to be in "Class A" uniform with merit badge sash (if applicable) when going before a Board of Review or attending a Court of Honor. Any Scout not properly dressed for these functions will not be eligible to attend or to receive awards.

e. All badges of rank, merit badges, service stars, other uniform awards, and Scout badges of office will be provided and presented by the Troop.

f. Wear of the uniform shall be as prescribed by BSA policies.


Equipment Checklist

pack, frame, and pack rain cover
sleeping bag
ground cloth and foam pad
pillow (optional)
scout knife
match case (24 matches)
compass (in pocket)
50 ft 1/8 inch nylon line
(6) assorted plastic bags
(3) garbage bags
6' X 6' plastic (optional)

(2) canteens
mess kit (spoon, fork, bowl, cup)
mesh dunk bag
whistle, watch, sun glasses
rip stope tape, extra shoe strings
(6) clothespins
(2) needles, thread safety pins
chapstick (in pocket)
toilet papter (in plastic bag)
scout book
notebook, pencil/pen
camera (optional)

towel, wash cloth
soap/shampoo (2 oz camp suds) *
toothbrush, paste, dental floss *
deodorant *
insect repellent (sm plastic bottle) *
sunscreen, hand cream *
foot powder *

nylon or plastic bag
scout uniform (class A)
scout belt
(2) pr long pants (1 pr in summer)
(1) pr shorts (2 pr in summer)
(2) scout t-shirts
(3) pr underwear
(1) pr long johns (cool weather)
(6) pr socks (3 wool, 3 liners)
(1) pr moccasins or sneakers
(1) pr boots
(1) sweat shirt top
(1) windbreaker (optional)
(1) poncho or rain suit
(1) hat with brim/stocking cap
(2) bandanas (optional)
work gloves (leather)
gloves (optional)

FIRST AID (individual container)
(6) gauze pads (3X3)
(6) band aids (assorted sizes)
moleskin (2 pc 3X4)
(8) alcohol prep pads
tweezers, finger nail clipper
space blanket
sm metal mirror
special medication

     (per patrol
axe, bow saw, shovel, hammer
tarp (optional)
bungee cords (small sizes)
(12) 4 inch aluminum nails

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