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Section 1 - Purpose
Section 2 - Principles

Section 1 - Council and District Organization
Section 2 - Troop 813 Organization
Section 3 - Troop Committee
Section 4 - Troop 813 Organization and Officers
Section 5 - Program Planning

Section 1 - Boy Scout Eligibility
Section 2 - Membership Eligibilities
Section 3 - Registration
Section 4 - Physicals
Section 5 - Permission Slips
Section 6 - Transfers Out
Section 7 - Inactive Status
Section 8 - Disciplinary Problems

Section 1 - Troop Finances
Section 2 - Money Earning Projects
Section 3 - Scout Savings Account
Section 4 - Dues

Section 1 - Official Insignia and Uniform

Section 1 - General Principles
Section 2 - Basis for Advancement
Section 3 - Boards of Review

Section 1 - Official Publications
Section 2 - Parent Responsibilities
Section 3 - Troop and Patrol Meetings
Section 4 - Troop Committee Meetings
Section 5 - Certificates of Appreciation


These bylaws are provided as a guide to all Boy Scouts, their parents and the Scouters of Boy Scout Troop 813. They outline the organization, policies, procedures, and activities of the Troop. Any questions relating to these bylaws should be referred to the Troop 813 Troop Committee.

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Section 1 - Purpose: The purpose of Boy Scout Troop 813 is to implement -- through parents, leaders, and our sponsoring institution -- the Boy Scout program of the Boy Scouts of America (BSA) for boys meeting age or grade criteria set forth by BSA. The specific purpose of these efforts is to:

a. Influence the development of character and encourage spiritual growth.

b. Develop habits and attitudes of good citizenship.

c. Encourage good sportsmanship and pride in growing strong in mind and body.

d. Improve understanding within the family.

e. Strengthen the ability to get along with other boys and to respect other people.

f. Foster a sense of personal achievement by developing new interests and skills.

g. Show how to be helpful and do one's best.

h. Provide fun and exciting things to do.

i. Prepare them to become adults.

Section 2 - Principles:

a. In pursuing the purposes mentioned above, the principles or ideas of Boy Scouting will be promoted. These principles are the Boy Scout Oath, which is a pledge for good citizenship; the Scout Law, which is a simple formula for being a good Boy Scout; the Scout Motto; and Scout Slogan which are ways to live. In all activities, emphasis shall be placed on these principles through practice in daily life. Boys will be guided to develop traits of character which are expressed in consideration of, and help to others; personal courage; and, above all, in lives of useful citizenship. All Boy Scouts must know and subscribe to the Boy Scout Oath, Scout Law, Scout Motto, and Scout Slogan.

b. All adult scouters (leaders) of Troop 813 must know and subscribe to the Boy Scout Oath and the Scout Law.

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Section 1 - Council and District Organization: Troop 813 is a member of the Etowah Creek District, Indian Waters Council, 715 Betsy Drive, Columbia, SC 29210.

Section 2 - Troop 813 Organization:

a. Troop 813 is sponsored and chartered by EEE Enterprises, Columbia, South Carolina. EEE Enterprises shall, if an affirmative decision is made to sponsor the troop, re-charter it as of February 15th each year. The Troop charter becomes effective February 15 and is valid through the last day of February the following year. The rights and privileges of all members of Troop 813 expire with the charter unless the Troop re-charters. The re-chartering shall be accomplished by the Troop Committee preparing the necessary forms, furnished by the Unit Commissioner. The first charter was granted by BSA to EEE Enterprises in December 1996.

b. Troop 813 consists of a Troop Committee, Scoutmaster and Assistants, and Boy Scouts. The function of these organizations and leaders are outlined in detail in Sections 3 through 5 of this Article.

c. The active adult leadership of the Troop shall be designated collectively as Scouters, and individually as parents, Troop Committee Chairman, Troop Committee Member(s), Scoutmaster, and Assistant Scoutmaster(s). These scouters shall be required to meet the same membership requirements and leadership responsibilities and shall have the same privileges and opportunities as provided for all unit scouters in the official bylaws of BSA.

d. The boy membership of Troop 813 shall be organized on the patrol system. See Section 4 for more information.

Section 3 - Troop Committee:

a. As outlined in the official Bylaws of BSA, each chartered unit of BSA shall be under the supervision of a unit committee, consisting of three or more qualified adults, 21 years of age or over, selected by the chartering institution, one of whom shall be designated as chairman. Additionally, each Boy Scout Troop of BSA shall have one citizen of the United States or other approved leader 21 years of age or over who shall be registered and serve as the unit leader.

b. Individuals filling these positions are required to be registered with BSA as adult "Scouters." In addition, any adult that wishes to work with the Scouts on advancement requirements must also be a registered adult leader and abide by the rules and regulations of BSA.

c. The Troop Committee is responsible to the chartered institution for the sound operation of the Troop. The overall and detailed responsibilities of the Troop Committee are outlined in "The Troop Committee Guide Book."

Section 4 - Troop 813 Organization and Officers:

a. Troop 813 will consist of new scout and regular patrols. If enough interest is shown by the boys, a Venture crew or Varsity team may be incorporated within the troop. Exact numbers and composition of patrols will be in accordance with established BSA guidelines.
b. Troop elections will be conducted during the first Troop meeting in March and September to elect the Senior Patrol Leader (SPL) and each Patrol Leader (except Patrol leader for new scout patrol). The Patrol Leader (PL) for the new scout patrol will be elected monthly or when the PL moves up to a regular patrol. The Crew Leader will be selected at the beginning of each new Venture activity. The Team Captain will be selected at the beginning of each new season for the sport they have chosen. Eligibility requirements for each position are based on the date of the Troop/Patrol elections.

(1) SPL: Will be elected by a simple majority of all Scouts present at the meeting. To be eligible, a Scout shall be any active Scout holding the rank of Star or higher.

(2) Each PL/crew chief/team captain will be elected by a simple majority of the Scouts present at the meeting from that patrol/crew/ team.

(3) The Assistant Senior Patrol Leader (ASPL) shall be appointed by the SPL and his term of office shall be for the same as the SPL. To be eligible, a Scout shall be any active Scout holding the rank of First Class or higher.

(4) Assistant patrol leaders/crew chiefs/team captains shall be appointed by their patrol leader/crew chief/team captain and his term of office shall be for the same as the patrol leader/crew chief/team captain.

(5) If any elected Troop leader departs prior to completing his term in office, the assistant will fill the vacancy until the next scheduled troop elections. He will appoint a new assistant to complete the term.

c. The Patrol Leaders' Council (PLC) is responsible for planning and running the Troop's activities and training new PLs. An overall and detailed responsibility of the Troop Leadership and the PLC are outlined in "The Junior Leader Handbook."

Section 5 - Program Planning:

a. The basic policy of BSA and Troop 813 is that the PLC is responsible for conducting a yearly planning meeting each summer to prepare a calendar of proposed activities for the next 12 months (September to August). The calendar of events is presented to the Troop Committee by the Scoutmaster for approval and assistance in making the program work. This calendar is then fine tuned at the PLC meeting held each month.

b. The yearly planning meeting will be attended by the members of the PLC, Scoutmaster, Assistant Scoutmaster(s) and other interested members of Troop 813 (Scout or Adult). Only those Scouts holding a voting position on the PLC will be allowed to vote on activities presented. The Indian Waters Council yearly calendar and the Lexington-Richland District 5 School calendar will be used in the planning process to prevent conflicts between, school, and council activities.

c. The PLC meeting will be conducted each month for the purpose of fine tuning the next month's schedule and confirm the following month's schedule to ensure that every action required has a person responsible for ensuring it is completed.

d. All changes to the yearly calendar will be brought before the Troop Committee for approval.

e. All Scouts registered with Troop 813/BSA will be eligible to attend all planned activities for their patrol or Troop 813 unless the provisions of Article 3, Section 5 apply.

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Section 1 - Boy Scout Eligibility:

a. Boys must meet BSA criteria.

b. "Scouters" is the collective designation for all registered Boy Scout officials and adult leaders. All Scouters shall serve on a voluntary basis and shall meet the requirements outlined by BSA and in Articles 1 and 2 of these Bylaws.

Section 2 - Membership Eligibilities:

a. Any eligible boy who wants to join Troop 813 must complete a Boy Scout application form and comply with all other BSA joining requirements.

b. Any eligible adult who wants to join Troop 813 must complete an adult application form, get it signed by the Committee Chairman, a representative of the chartering institution and forward it to the council.

Section 3 - Registration:

a. All Boy Scouts shall pay a registration fee when he registers with Troop 813. This fee shall be used to register the boy as a member of BSA, provide a subscription to Boy's Life Magazine, and to cover the cost of insurance. The difference between the above costs and the registration fee will go into the troop budget to help defray the costs of running the troop. These costs include but are not limited to position patches, troop committee supplies, and working capital for fund-raising activities.

b. Adult leaders shall pay the appropriate BSA registration fee and insurance fees. This includes a subscription to Scouting Magazine.

c. Registered Scouts transferring from another Troop will pay the BSA transfer fee and the yearly registration fee minus the actual registration, insurance, and Boys Life costs.

d. Annual re-registration fees will be collected at re-charter time.

Section 4 - Physicals: Each Scout and scouter will be required to have a physical completed by the last day of February. This physical will be good for one year.

Section 5 - Permission Slips: Blanket permission slips/medical power of attorneys will be completed during the recharter month. They will be good for one year. The Scout showing up for activities, properly dressed and outfitted indicates the parentís permission for the Scout to attend the outing/function.

Section 6 - Transfers Out:

a. Registered Scouts/Scouters will notify the Scoutmaster, Committee Chairman, or Advancements Committee Member as soon as possible of their expected departure from the Troop.

b. The Troop Committee will prepare a complete official transfer form in two copies on the Scout/Scouter and give it to the Scoutmaster for appropriate signature (Scoutmaster signs Boy Scouts and District Executive signs all adult transfers). Once signed, the original will be provided to the departing individual along with a copy of the original Scout Record form (boys only). For Boy Scouts, a copy of the transfer form and Scout Record form will be maintained in the Troop's historical file until after the Scout becomes 19. For Scouters, a copy of the transfer form will be maintained in the Troop's historical file for two years.

Section 7 - Inactive Status:

a. Boy Scouting is designed to aid a boy in becoming a good citizen. To do this requires adherence to certain basic rules of attendance in order to have a successful troop.

b. To be considered an active troop member, the boy must be present at least 75% of the troop and patrol functions prior to each Court of Honor or Troop outing. Excused absences with just cause will count as present in designating a boy as "active".

c. Boys active in other approved activities (i.e. sports, school plays) that require short-term absences from the troop will not be considered inactive upon notification of the troop leadership and will be granted all rights and privileges of an active troop member.

d. Boys who have missed two consecutive troop meetings without notifying their PL, SPL, Scoutmaster or Assistant Scoutmaster will be considered inactive. Inactive boys will not receive recognition at Courts of Honor or Troop meetings or attend Troop outings until such time as they are again active members of the troop.

e. The PL or SPL will contact any boy who has missed two consecutive meetings. The Scoutmaster or an Assistant Scoutmaster will contact with the parents of a boy who has missed four consecutive meetings. If this contact does not resolve the situation, the Scoutmaster may refer to the Troop Committee a boy whom he feels should be removed from the Troop. Based on the information received during the discussion between the boy, parents and Scoutmaster/Assistant Scoutmaster, a decision will be made concerning the boy's status with the Troop.

f. In addition to missing two consecutive troop meetings as outlined above, disciplinary problems will be cause for placing a boy in an inactive status for a period of time to be determined by the troop committee.

Section 8 - Disciplinary Problems:

a. A disciplinary problem is considered any Scout who is disruptive to the proper operation of the Troop or his Patrol who does not respond to the corrective actions taken by the PL, SPL, Scoutmaster/assistants.

b. It is the responsibility of all Scouts present at each troop meeting or activity to ensure to the proper conduct of all Scouts present. If there is a problem with a Scout, the PL/SPL (or senior Scout present) will be responsible for correcting the Scout's behavior.

c. If the PL/SPL feels additional action is required, the SPL may call a special PLC meeting to decide the appropriate action to be taken with the consent of the Scoutmaster. Only the Troop Committee may suspend a Scout or remove him from the troop.

d. If the PLC is unable to correct the actions of a Scout, then the Scoutmaster will try to correct the problem. It will be the responsibility of the Scoutmaster to notify the parents of a Scout when the problem persists. In the event all of these actions fail, the Scoutmaster will refer the problem to the Troop Committee for appropriate action.

e. Reinstatement of suspension is a Troop Committee responsibility.

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Section 1 - Troop Finances:

a. The Troop will maintain a checking account with any banking facility located in the Ballentine, or Irmo area. The Treasurer will act as the primary account custodian and will be responsible for the upkeep of the checking account. The Troop Committee will be responsible for appointing a minimum of three other scouters (four total) who will be eligible to sign checks. Two signatures will be required on each check.

b. The Treasurer will be authorized to maintain a petty cash fund not to exceed $100.00 for day-to-day Troop expenses.

Section 2 - Money Earning Projects:

a. All money earning projects of Troop 813 will be in accordance with the "Charter and Bylaws of the BSA," and the "Rules and Regulations of the BSA."

b. The Troop Committee will be responsible for approving and submitting appropriate forms for BSA approval for all money earning projects that Troop 813 undertakes.

c. All profits will be divided equally between the Troop reserve account and the Scout savings account (Section 3).

Section 3 - Scout Savings Account:

a. The purpose of the savings account is to allow each Scout/Scouter the opportunity to earn money to be used toward any Scout-related expense.

b. Each Scout/Scouter participating in Troop fund raising activities will have credited to their savings account a dollar amount based on the following formula: The net profit (actual money earned minus all expenses) divided by two will determine the amount available to be split amongst the Scouts/Scouters. This amount divided by the total hours worked by all participants will equal the hourly rate. The total hours worked by each Scout/Scouter and their family members will then be multiplied against the hourly rate to determine the actual money added to the individual account.

c. The Treasurer will maintain the accounts for each Scout/Scouter and will provide a statement to each Scout/Scouter to show the current balance. He/She will also ensure that the amount required to support the total of all the separate savings accounts is available in the Troop checking account.

d. The amount required to re-register can be deducted from each Scout's savings account (if sufficient funds are available) each February with the approval of the individual account holder.

e. All remaining funds in the savings account of a Scout/Scouter dropped from the Troop will revert to the Troop's reserve account. All remaining funds in the savings account of an active Scout/Scouter in good standing with the troop transferring to another troop will go to the Scout/Scouter for transfer to the new troop.

Section 4 - Dues: The Scouts will determine whether to collect dues and if so, how much they will be. Dues will go into the patrol account to be used to benefit all members of that patrol.

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Section 1 - Official Insignia and Uniform:

a. The badges, other required insignia and the uniforms of BSA shall be made available to, and are only for use by registered Scouts, officials, and other members who have satisfactorily complied with the requirements prescribed by BSA.

b. The official uniforms authorized as evidence of official relationship to BSA are illustrated and correctly described in the various current handbooks, catalogs, and other official publications of BSA. Jeans (solid, dark blue in color and in good repair) may be substituted for the official pants only if uniform pants are not available from the Scout Shop. However, all Scouts and Scouters should be in uniform for official functions.

(1) Troop 813 recognizes four (4) different uniform combinations that Scouts and Scouters are authorized to wear at BSA-supported activities. The "Class A" uniform consists of the official Scout shirt, pants/shorts, neckerchief, socks, and shoes. The "Class B" uniform is the troop t-shirt, scout shorts/pants, scout socks, and closed toe shoes. The "Venture" uniform consisting of the troop t-shirt, khaki shorts and white socks for use in the "Venture" program. The "Varsity" uniform consisting of a khaki shirt with the same khaki shorts and white socks for use with the "Varsity" program. The "Varsity" uniform may be replaced with a team uniform for organized play.

(2) Appropriate uniform wear will conform to standards as determined by these bylaws and the information provided by the governing body of the activity.

c. All Troop 813 Scouts/Scouters are responsible for purchasing the appropriate uniform and all patches.

d. All Scouts will be required to be in "Class A" uniform with merit badge sash (if applicable) when going before a Board of Review or attending a Court of Honor. Any Scout not properly dressed for these functions will not be eligible to attend or to receive awards.

e. All badges of rank, merit badges, service stars, other uniform awards, and Scout badges of office will be provided and presented by the Troop.

f. Wear of the uniform shall be as prescribed by BSA policies.

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Section 1 - General Principles:

a. The fundamental principle of advancement in Boy Scouting shall be that the boy's progress is a natural outcome of his activities in his Troop/Patrol. The requirements of rank, as set forth in official publications, shall furnish the basis for the activities of the Troop.

b. Advancement is an integral part of the troop program - both indoors and out. Every effort will be made to gear Troop and patrol activities toward completion of advancement requirements.

c. Advancement requirements may be signed off by the Scoutmaster, Assistant Scoutmasters, or Junior Assistant Scoutmasters. In addition, with the consent of the Scoutmaster, the SPL or PL may be granted authority to sign off rank requirements with the exception of scout spirit. At no time shall a parent sign off the requirement of their on son.

d. All merit badges will be conducted by a certified merit badge counselor. At no time will any merit badge class be held with fewer than two Scouts or two adults (one adult observer and the instructor) present at all times. The Scout(s) wishing to take a merit badge will obtain the Scoutmaster's approval prior to starting the merit badge.

e. At no time shall a parent sign off a merit badge for his/her own son. Individual merit badge requirements may be signed off by the counselor based on a signed note from the parents, teachers, etc., if the counselor is comfortable that the scout has indeed accomplished the requirement.

Section 2 - Basis for Advancement:

a. The Boy Scout advancement program shall be the basis for the Scout's achievement. This program is basically geared toward advancement in an outdoor type program with two basic levels used in the advancement process.

b. Badges of rank are the advancement route leading to Eagle. Each rank has requirements that the boy is required to complete before he is awarded that Badge of Rank. The Boy Scout handbook and the Boy Scout Requirements book list the current requirements for each rank. When a conflict occurs between the requirements listed in a particular book, the most recent version of the Boy Scout Requirements book (or other BSA published booklet) will take precedence.

c. Rank requirements may be signed off by the Scoutmaster, Assistant Scoutmaster or Junior Assistant Scoutmaster. In addition, with the consent of the Scoutmaster, the SPL or PL may be granted authority to sign off rank requirements with the exception of scout spirit. At no time shall a parent sign off the requirement for their son. Prior to the Scout being presented to the SM or ASM for sign-off of a requirement the Scout will have demonstrated his knowledge/proficiency to the SPL/ASPL.

Section 3 - Boards of Review:

a. For a Scout to be eligible to be considered for the Board of Review, his Patrol Leader must notify the SPL (or ASPL) at least one meeting prior to arrange for the Scoutmaster conference and to allow the Troop Committee to prepare the proper paperwork prior to the board.

b. The Board of Review for Tenderfoot through Life will be held on the last Thursday of each month at 7:00 PM in the Scout hut and will consist of at least three Troop committee members (but not a parent of a Scout going before the board). All Scouts not considered for advancement (failing the board) will be eligible at the next regularly scheduled Board of Review.

c. Boards of Review for Eagle Scout will be conducted by the Etowah Creek District.

d. All Scouts will be in "Class A" uniform with merit badge sash (if applicable), with their handbook, and present at the start of the troop meeting (7:00 PM) when scheduled to go before a Board of Review.

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Section 1 - Official Publications:

a. The Troop shall have a library consisting of official BSA and other applicable publications that will be controlled by the Troop Librarian. These publications will be made available for loan to all Scouts and Scouters of Troop 813 based on availability.

b. The Troop will provide the books to Scouts/Scouters as indicated below:

(1) All new Assistant Scoutmasters/Junior Assistant Scoutmaster will receive the Scoutmaster Handbook, Junior Leader Handbook, Boy Scout Requirements Book and Scout Handbook (if required).

(2) All Scouts appointed as a Troop Guide, PL, or SPL will be receive the Junior Leader Handbook. This book will remain the property of the troop and will be passed to the new Troop Guide, PL or SPL upon his election/appointment.

(3) New editions of the above publications will be purchased for the Scoutmaster, Assistant Scoutmasters/Junior Assistant Scoutmaster and two copies for the Troop library.

(4) Merit Badge booklets for Eagle required merit badges will be purchased by the Troop. All other merit badge booklets will only be purchased if there is sufficient interest shown by the boys to warrant the purchase.

Section 2 - Parent Responsibilities:

a. Upon signing their son's membership application form, all parents shall subscribe to this agreement:

"We have read the Boy Scout Oath, Law, and Slogan, and we want our son to become a Boy Scout. We will try to assist him in observing the rules of BSA. We will do our best to help our son gain the most from his Boy Scout experience by helping him advance, attending Courts of Honor, and assisting Troop leaders where possible."

b. Parents WILL BE EXPECTED to assist the Troop Committee in some capacity during their son's membership in Troop 813.

Section 3 - Troop and Patrol Meetings:

a. Weekly Troop meetings will be held each Thursday evening at Ballentine Recreation Center. The meeting will start at 7:00 PM (unless otherwise notified) and will last until 8:30 PM. Every effort should by made by the Scout to be at the meeting prior to the scheduled start time to ensure that the meeting can start on time. The Patrol assigned opening will be expected to arrive at least 15 minutes prior to the start of the meeting to prepare the room. The Patrol assigned closing will be responsible for ensuring the room is cleaned prior to leaving for the evening. Each Scout and Scouter will be expected to be in uniform for the meeting.

b. The PL may hold patrol meetings at a location that is convenient to the majority of the patrol members. Class B uniforms may be worn at Patrol meetings.

c. PLC meetings will be held each month at a time that will be established by the SPL at a location that is convenient to a majority of the PLC members. Class A uniforms will be worn to PLC meetings.

Section 4 - Troop Committee Meetings: The Troop 813 Committee will conduct monthly meetings on a date and time that will be established by the Troop Committee Chairman. Every effort will be made to inform all parents of the date, time and location of each meeting. All parents of boys registered with Troop 813 are encouraged to attend the monthly meetings.

Section 5 - Certificates of Appreciation. Appropriate certificates of appreciation and other awards will be presented to all departing Scouters and other individuals who have contributed significantly of their time and talents to the advancement of Boy Scouting in Troop 813.

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