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Green Notebook



Adult Uniformed Leaders: Scoutmaster, Assistant Scoutmasters
ASM: Assistant Scoutmasters
ASPL: Assistant Senior Patrol Leader - assistants, appointed by the SPL, to help the SPL run the Troop.
Baden-Powell, Lord Robert: Founder of Boy Scouting
Blue Card: A three part merit badge application card used by Scouts to record their completed merit badge requirements. Must be signed by the Scoutmaster and the merit badge counselor.
Boyce, William D: Founder of BSA
BSA: Boy Scouts of America
Brownsea: A week-long camp to train Scouts 13 years old, and older, in the leadership of their Patrol and Troop. Conducted by the Council.
CC: Committee Chairperson - Leader of Troop Committee, and direct superior of SM
Chuck Box: Large wood box holding all cooking gear for each patrol.
Court of Honor: Meeting held three or four times a year for all Troop members, and their famhies, to recogffize the achievements of the Scouts in the Troop.
Dutch Oven: Cast iron or aluminum pot with lid used to prepare meals and desserts.
Eagle Court: Recognition ceremony held to award the rank of Eagle Scout to a Troop member.
FOS: Friends of Scouting - annual National fund raiser soliciting funds to maintain the Council programs, camps, office, and professional staff.
JASM: Junior Assistant Scoutmaster - Youth (under 18) appointed by Scoutmaster to function as ASM.
JLOW: Junior Leaders Orientation Workshop - one or two day leadership training course conducted by the Council for Scouts in leadership positions, or expected to be in a leadership position soon.
JLT: Junior Leader Training - Troop training class conducted semiannually to train all Scouts holding leadership positions.
Lock-in: Overnight troop activity held at one of the local schools. Scouts do fun things such as: bowling, videos, pizza, and donuts. (No sleeping allowed)
Long-term camp/outing: Any outing more than 3 days in duration. May be car camping in one area, summer camp (e.g. Barstow) or a backpacking hike (35 to 65 miles in a week is very common).
PLC: Patrol Leaders Council - SPL, ASPL's and Patrol Leaders
OA: Order of the Arrow. This is the national Brotherhood of Scout campers, dedicated to providing ““cheerful service””. A scout is elected by his troop members on a secret ballot. He must be an outstanding Scout and an unselfish camper to receive the votes of fellow Scouts.
QM: Quartermaster - appointed youth position responsible for Troop equipment.
Roundtable: Monthly District meeting for adult leaders in the district.
Scout Handbook: Contains the Scout’s advancement record as well as a wealth of useful information. Should be brought to all troop meetings and campouts. Must be brought to Board of Review.
Scout Spirit: Adherence to, and demonstration of the Scout Law and Scout Oath- includes good attendance at Scout functions, including Troop meetings and outings.
Scribe: Scribe - appointed youth position that is in charge of taking minutes during PLC and Troop meetings. Is responsible for the troop library.
SMF: Scoutmaster Fundementals - basic training for scoutmasters, assistant scoutmasters and troop committee members.
SM: Scoutmaster - primary adult that is in charge of the troop.
SPL: Senior Patrol Leader - highest elected youth position in the Troop. Is responsible for managing the Troop program and leading all Scouts in the Troop.
Summer Camp: A week long camp for having fun, earning merit badges, and advancing in rank. Camps are usually conducted by individual councils, but troops can go to outside councils camps.
Totin’N Chip: Scout must carry their Totin’N Chip card with them in order to use a pocketknife. In order to earn this card, a Scout must read, understand and demonstrate the proper care and use of a pocketknife, ax, and saw and pass a test.
TOW: Troop Operations Workshop - Annual planning meeting by the PLC
Wood Badge: Advanced adult training. Requires SMF, active Scouting involvement and time commitment. Fees are about $200-300, depending on course location. (Fee is reimbursed by the troop when Wood Badge beads are earned and presented.)

Table of Contents
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