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"The Phoenix"

    Gene C., who will turn 18 on February 20th, has started his Eagle project. He is building a butterfly garden for the Presbyterian Home in Lexington. This is quite an undertaking to say the least. He started on the project last Friday, February 8th and will finish it this weekend, the 16th and 17th. His garden will feature a butterfly with a 4' x 12' concrete body, a garden wing-span of 5' x 18', and stepping stone antennae with watering bowls at the ends. Four butterfly houses will adorn the concrete slab (one in each corner).

    This project will make a lovely spot for residents to enjoy nature, and give the gardening club something to do as they take over upkeep upon completion.

    Gene can use all the help he can get, so if you would like some service hours for a worthy cause, contact the Scoutmaster by sending an e-mail to We would love to have you and welcome any and all helpers.